How And Where to Find Prospects For Your Multi Level Marketing Business

Have you ever had it where you have your multi level marketing business and are working hard at it you work and work and can not seem to get ahead all the people you talk to just do not seem to get it and do not join your opportunity in the end.

Here in this article I will tell you where you can find good prospects that will take your multi level marketing business seriously and will give it everything they have and of course of this doesn;t work out please do not come looking for me I am talking based on my experience and how I fared out in the situation.

Business People

First you want to look into those who are professional and do the work of a business person these will look at your multi level marketing business and take it seriously and even if they do not join your opportunity they will at least give you a referral or two or just will not laugh at you trying to makw=e a living.

I have found that people like a realtor or an insurance salesman will take a serious look at your multi level marketing business and explore their options and if they do not join you at least their will be a chance that you can get a referral if you act professional yourself and ask the right way.

Shopping Center

Have you ever gone to the shopping center or the mall on a Saturday or Sunday morning and see all the young kids setting up the store or putting the things outside for display how much luck do you think you will have if you go up to at least fifty of them and ask if they keep their options open to maybe look into a multi level marketing business I have has some luck with these people they know they will not keep that job forever and are willing to explore others options to make more money but it depends on you and how you present yourself when you talk to them.


I have had luck on this one when I go to the supermarket I ask people if they keep their options open and usually get a few prospects who are willing to look at my multi level marketing business they understand that where they work will not cover all the bills in the long run so they look at what I have.

Many times when you go to the supermarket there are people who are friendly and will take a look at your multi level marketing opportunity and if you go at the right time you can find the single mother or the house wife who will want to make more or do more to get ahead I know this may not seem like the ideal place but if I have there so will you.

The Internet

The internet social media you know Facebook I know what you are thinking but everybody does it online but do they do it correctly do they know how to get people to join their multi level marketing opportunity it’s all in the presentation and if you know how to present yourself you will have a lot of people looking at you and what you have to offer.

You Tube

This one is one of my favorite I am perfect for multi level marketing I love talking to people and can set up rapport very easy but if you put your self out there like on you tube and let people set up a relationship with you online there is no reason you wouldn’t be successful having your own you tube channel and letting people know you and what you have to offer.

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