How to Use Network Marketing For Real Estate

This article basically talks about how you can use your network marketing business to invest in real estate.Many times we make our money with our business and spend it on things we do not need instead of investing it on something that can bring you huge rewards and piece of mind.

Real Estate

What is real estate and how can you mix it with network marketing it is very easy.Real estate is property consisting of land and the building on it and you can invest your business money in getting some properties under your belt and reap the rewards that come from the cashflow from those properties.


Other people’s money it is that simple when in network marketing you make progress from other people’s money because when they join your organization they use their own money in real estate you use other people’s money when you finance the property you can go to the bank and if the numbers add up properly the bank will give you financing for the real estate.

Banks love to give money for real estate because the way they see ut if you cannot repay the loan they can take the property from you and control it themselves sell it and get their money back.In network marketing if a person cannot pay for his business he just loses it and has to start over it is a major difference so keep your eye on that.

Types of Real Estate

One of the benefits of doing network marketing is that when you are making your money you will have time to look up the different types of real estate of course the 3 bedroom house this is a good investment because you have the family that wants to move in and raise the kids and grow old together.

Commercial Property

In network marketing you do not need a building or office to run your business unless you really want to but if you did the kind you would need is commercial property.This is the kind of property that you see when you go into an office or the mall something like McDonald’s which is the largest real estate holding company in the world is commercial property.The benefit of commercial property is the way you invest your money you lease the building to a business owner and it is usually for 5 to 7 years and if you own a strip mall is some buildings are empty you will not really suffer a cashflow problem you can survive from that.


In network marketing you make residual income which is when you have money coming in from the profits of the business every month whether you work or not.In real estate it is cashflow it is the money you make from the property after expenses lets say you have a commercial building that nets you 2000 a month and you have expenses to the building of 1200 that means the money left over 800 dollars is your cashflow and you can claim all that on your taxes consult your tax person of but you know.

In network marketing you have many benefits with the residual income and real estate is a great way to invest your money when done correctly.

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