How to Win With Persistence in Network Marketing

This article I will talk about what it takes to win in your network marketing business and that is by just being persistent what does that word mean and how you will use it in your business.

How many times do we start something and go through the motions but the minute something goes wrong we decide to just walk away and give up.In network marketing it is no different we will begin to work but when things don’t go the way we want at the moment we want we just turn around and run in the other direction will hopefully I can shed some light into you and you will decide to keep going.

What is your Why

Why are you doing it why do you want a network marketing business what is the reason do you have someone sick in the hospital do you have large bills that require payment right away or do you have a divorce and those alimony payments too much what ever your why is that is the first step to getting you going in your business.

I remember before I got started in network marketing I was homeless staying in a shelter and when I got a job I was working as a security guard at a retail store it was a nightmare everyday people trying to steal and me getting yelled at by everyone because I wasn’t doing my job correctly.

Take the time today and before you start your network marketing business sit down and think about what your why is make sure it is something that will get you up in the morning and make you go to work with a smile on your face.


When you start your own business especially network marketing where you work from home make sure you have discipline make sure that you make the business the priority in your life I know when I was starting out my boss would get mad at me because he wanted me to work more hours and even though I needed the money very bad I always said no and never told him why he couldn’t fire me because I was doing such a good job but he wanted me to do more.

When you go to work in your network marketing business have the discipline to know that this ia the time to work make sure that everything is before or if you can leave anything for after do that their will times when you will not want to do the work I mean let’s face it if you have a job and are comfortable you don’t have to do the work now because there will be no consequences now but believe me in the long run there will be.

Vision and Goals

What is your vision in your network marketing business what are your goals where do you see yourself in ninety days one hundred eighty days a year two years even go five years if you have to but put your goals down in paper just so you can look at them everyday before you go to work and keep those goals constantly in your mind.

That leads me to the second part which is your vision what are those goals and how do you keep that vision alive when you do your network marketing business it is very simple just like your goals always keep that vision of what you are doing in your business what numbers do you want to hit in what timeframe.

If you want to recruit thirty people in ninety days well that is good keep that vision in your mind everyday and figure out the numbers how many hours you have to work how many calls you have to make even figure out how many hours you get to sleep and please when it is time to rest please rest you want your mind clear when you do your network marketing business.

Just keep going even if you don’t know what you’re doing at first remember network marketing is a slow walk at first then the more you learn the better you become and before you know it you will be living a life you couldn’t even imagine at first.

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