Marketing Strategies For Legal Websites

What is the best web marketing strategy for law firms today? It doesn’t take a lot of marketing savvy to get the basic strategies that just about every law firm uses: put up a website, get listed in popular business directories, publish content on social networks, build a mailing list, and get involved with community.

Unlike product-based businesses, which can rely on mass-marketing techniques to attract perspective clients for their product, law firms must exert a more personal effort in attracting clients. This is due to the fact that there won’t be any visible products being marketed by a law firm, only intangible legal services.

Now, some may argue that techniques used by the mass-marketers can still be applicable for many types of law practices, such as television, newspaper, and e-mail marketing as examples. This is certainly true. However, in some instances, the nature of using these marketing methods can lead to adversary challenges from your State Bar association if done in appropriately. Further, if the advertisements include promises or guarantees of success, these marketing methods can also violate ethical standards.

Therefore, law firms must find more personal methods of searching for potential clients, in order to spark an interest to the services which are being offered. It can be a bit hard, as you still have to work within the boundaries of any advertising regulations handed down from your State Bar Association, in addition to the moral and ethical considerations with respect to what you can promise.

But, if you do not run afoul of these principles, there are four marketing approaches that help develop your brand, can contribute to the success of your law firm and give clients loads of information.

1. Use of Social Networking OR social media

In this “online generation,” you will not be surprised anymore to see people from other age groups tinkering with their laptops, tablets, and smartphones all the time. This generation has become dependent online for their requirements. Gone are the days when the internet is set mainly for research, now, you can shop and order food online! Because of the massive popularity of the internet entrepreneurs, small and big, have been utilizing the internet to grow their businesses. A whole lot of them have found how to use social media for marketing.

With different tools for marketing that are available for law firm marketing, social media is the most effective tool. Apart from generating interest by going to social networking sites, another kind of networking marketing is blog advertising.

2. Getting listed on all major legal Directories

Submit your site only to online directories if you would like to attain online visibility and drive better traffic. Thousands of directories are online, but only a few of them can help boost your search engine ranking and enhance your visibility. It is a must to assess which directories you’re submitting your site too; differently, your directory submission efforts are in vain.

Directory listing is not just supposed to become searchable within the directory sites. Submission of site entails the creation of links, which are useful in further raising your search engine ranking. Directory submission includes a listing of your website address. Therefore, users will see pertinent information regarding your organization, including your products and services, but more importantly how to reach you online (site address, chat name, etc.) and offline (office location, phone number, etc.).

3. Running a Blog

If you would like to generate a high traffic of visitors to your legal websites, blogging may be your solution. There are numerous advantages of blogging for business. However, build, and the benefit is to generate traffic of visitors. When this occurs, you will create sales that are better.

4. Client Reviews

Among the very best tools to use to draw customers is via online reviews. Online reviews are trusted by more than 75 percent of internet users. They seek them out to help them make buying decisions and to influence their purchasing choices. Reviews are a huge influential feedback tool for clients and prospective customers. Reviews are related to service-related industries like hotels, bed and breakfasts, and restaurants or coffee shops.

People prefer to do business with these companies that they know others have left feeling satisfied or impressed with the goods or services provided. An internet review associated with your company can be a powerful instrument for help you move to the top of search listings that are local. The best way to get customers to review your business is to ask them. For some reason, people feel honored to be asked to give feedback for your business, particularly your “regulars.” All you have to do is ask but be ready to tell them where to leave comments. So it works for your business, where do they leave feedback? In case you have local search listings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN it is a relatively simple procedure.

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