Numis Network Online Allows Individuals Participation In A Successful Business Model

The Numis Network has borrowed its name from a duo of disciplines that some of us are very passionate about. Numismatics is one, cyber or network marketing is the other. The Numis Network online platform is both a tool and a business. It is a flexible, easy-to-use online platform that permits members to buy and sell valuable or collectible coins. As a business, it is a home-based vehicle with which members can build personal wealth.

Like all networks, the more people participating in the platform the greater the network effects or synergy benefits they can enjoy. Members benefit by building wealth through the network. They can buy and sell (trading) their valuable silver and gold coins through the platform. They also get rewarded if they introduce new members to the platform.

Numis is a worldwide network; it has members located in countries all over the world. Numis has given impetus to the numismatics market by increasing the confidence that traders can attach to the quality of coins traded in the market. This increased confidence has, in turn, been achieved by increasing the number coins that are independently graded before being traded.Rare coins have value because of their precious metal content, their scarcity, demand by collectors and their overall physical quality or condition. Numis promotes trading through its online platform by stipulating that every offered on the platform has been independently rated. As a precondition before being listed, coins offered through the network are certified according to the Sheldon scale. This rating system is based points scale ranging up to a maximum of 70 indicating top quality. All coins are traded through Numis only if they carry a 70 rating.

Several grading companies perform the rating or certification. This process confirms the authenticity of coins and adds to the confidence that buyers have when trading on the Numis platform. Some of the rating company experts were initially skeptical of the viability of the Numis Network. Those concerns were soon put to rest. Today, the network is the main revenue generator for coin grading companies.

Numis was founded as a multi-level marketing (MLM) firm in August 2009 by three former software consultants. During its one year of existence, Numis has generated remarkable success. It has millions of members with more joining each day. Numis is the only cyber company to focus on collectible coins. It does not have any direct competition. As a true pioneer, the company participates in a global traded coin market valued at about $110 billion each year.Not all Numis members will enjoy success. It takes much work, persistence and dedication to triumph on the platform. However, all members appreciate that they all have a brilliant opportunity to shine. They have the ability to strive virtually without limit for that success as independent home-based business people. In that way, Numis strongly empowers its members.

Many individuals have undertaken a complete assessment of the Numis Network online as a coin trading and marketing platform. And many have concluded it represents a good deal for them. Check it out for yourself. You never know; you may reach the same conclusion. It could change your whole life-style.